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For the Professional Development for Core Curriculum and Plan 2020 connect with Luajuana Brasfield on LinkedIn.

Math Helper books are my "teachers notes". They are the notes and examples that I used to help my students succeed in math over the past 25 years. Students, parents, Got Easyand teachers find Math Helper to be easy-to-use and exactly what is needed to help with basic math through pre-calculus. I hope you find that Math Helper is just what you need to help you succeed in math!

Luajuana Brasfield
Math Helper

How does Math Helper help?
  • Provides students with organized teacher notes.
  • Gives teachers more time for personal teaching and guided practice.
  • Provides constant source for review and practice.
  • Provides personal support - a personal guide and tutor.
  • Makes math more manageable and less intimidating.
  • Increases confidence - easy access and success builds confidence.
  • Increases parent involvement - parents have quick access to math help.
"It's like having a teacher in your backpack"
Math Helper Series
Basic Math - more info and order here!
Basic Algebra - Algebra I - more info and order here!
Intermediate Algebra - Algebra II - more info and order here !
Advanced Algebra / Pre-calculus - Algebra III - more info and order here!
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