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Mr. Cook Math Helper works! We had been struggling trying to meet our federal goals for AYP in math for 3 years. Using Math Helper we not only met our Federal goals, but exceeded them! We plan to continue using the Math Helper program because it works."
-Mr. Jerome Cook Principal, Jess Lanier High School
"We had not met AYP in math for 7 years. I was convinced that Math Helper and Mrs. Brasfield could help us. After implementing the Math Helper program we met AYP and improved our graduation exam pass rate from 60% to 87%. I would recommend Math Helper to anyone who wants to improve their math skills."
-Dana Thomas, Principal
"We improved Middle and High School state test scores using Math Helper. I have recommended Math Helper to other schools and plan to continue using with our students."
-Iris Richardson, Federal Programs and Curriculum Director, Linden City Schools
What Students Are Saying
"Math Helper was more than helpful. It helped me understand math from my earlier years I never understood."
-Suzanne Daly
"Math Helper is like having Mrs. Brasfield with you to tell you how to do your math. It's what she would say if she was there teaching me."
-Laura Dover
"I used Math Helper to help me prepare for the ACT and for college math courses."
-Nathan Ivey
"Mrs. Brasfield was wonderful at making the concepts easy to comprehend."
-Sarah Kelley
"Using Math Helper has helped me to be more organized, more efficient, and a better math student."
-Sherri Hudson
"I finally passed the math part of the graduation exam by using Math Helper. Not only that, but my Dad passed his jobs skills test using the Basic Math Helper!"
-Rose Dunn
What Teachers Are Saying
"My students are showing growth and success due to the implementation of Math Helper. This resource has certainly been a blessing."
- Michelle Hyche, Teacher, Department of Defense School, Kitzingen, Germany
"What a great way to help students recall the important facts and concepts in a concise and orderly fashion."
-Gail Queen, College Instructor
"Wow! Someone has finally taken the time to make concise reference cards for students to use in a present class or in future class, and for teachers to use in the classroom."
-Gennette Meeks, High School and College Teacher


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